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Hey, gentlemen and ladies strap your belts in and expect a rollercoaster ride of ridiculousness! "Cocaine Bear" is an unmissable ride in more ways than one. This film takes the "bear-y" true story and transforms it into an humorous horror film that will be sure to make you scratch your head, or pondering the life choices of both bears and drug traffickers.
Cocaine Bear Since the first moment we meet the gorgeous Andrew C Thornton, played superbly by Matthew Rhys, you know you're in for a wild experience. Smugglers with flair elegant grace, as well as a aptitude for dropping his precious cargo at the most inconvenient spots. And he had no idea the man he would be about to without knowing it, create a legend for this century--the "Cocaine Bear!" Do not think about what you believe you know about bears, and their habits of eating. The film takes a strong view and states that once bears consume cocaine, they can't only have a good time, they transform into bloodthirsty monsters! Move over, Godzilla and there's a brand new the king of town, and his name is a bear, with a penchant for powdered substances. Our cast of characters including the bumbling police as well as the reckless criminals and innocent passers-by who were unable to get through a bag of paper, will keep you amazed. Their collective incompetence is amazing to watch. If you're ever having a need for laughter think of police officers Bob Springs and Officer Reba Mitchell trying to figure out a crime without accidentally shooting each other. Don't forget to mention our brave adventurers, Olaf and Elsa. We're not talking about the pair taken from "Frozen." The two hikers come across the treasures of Colombian delights, and then before you're able to say "Bearzilla," they become people who will be targets of Cocaine Bear's insatiable appetite. It's true, who really needs any Disney princess when you have animals that snort and roar that is on the loose? The film hits the perfect middle ground between horror and comedy, making you laugh when you laugh and then grip your popcorn in fear the next. The body count rises faster then the hairs around your neck, and you'll be cheering for each demise with wicked happiness. This is exactly like watching a National Geographic special hosted by Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper. So, let's look at the ultimate showdown. Imagine a mighty waterfall running in the background our family comprising Sari, Dee Dee, and Henry getting ready to tackle one of the most formidable creatures in our world, Cocaine Bear. This is an epic fight for long ages that includes explosions, bear roars, and enough white powder to make Tony Montana to shame. Then, just as you think this bear's gone It's resurrected (blog post) after a cocaine explosion! Talk about a new era of the legendary scale. Sure "Cocaine Bear" may have it's flaws. Its editing is as unsteady just like a caffeinated squirrel creating a flurry of anxiety and wonder if the reel has been secretly utilized as scratching platform. Do not worry, viewers, for the bear CGI is quite top-quality. The bear stole the show even though the team of editors seemed to being on a high themselves. This film is a mixture with tension, double crossings and unexpected bonds. It's like mixing tequila with bear saliva--unconventional and unforgettable. In the end, and you walk out of the theater with a smirk at your face, just remember that reviewer's last advice: You should not feed bears anything. particularly not drugs, or other hikers. It's a guarantee that it won't bring any good luck to anyone. Therefore, get your popcorn and buckle up then get ready to be transported into an enthralling world "Cocaine Bear." It's a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience that will leave you in stitches, pondering the true power of bears and their in-depth party possibility.

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